Why Meme Marketing is getting so popular these days?

When someone is a fan of meme marketing as well.

Kicking it off with a meme, let’s dig deep into the Meme Marketing. Meme Marketing is the use of memes to narrate your brand perspective and it’s foundation. In other words, promoting and advertising using memes. But why memes? It’s because memes are highly shareable and trendy among the youth. If your one brand post gets viral with the use of memes and trends, then you would surely add it to your key marketing tactics. Personally, it is one of my favorite kind of marketing since I happen to like and use memes a lot, and sometimes even in a conversation, memes are my go-to. And it’s time to make it your go-to marketing because the youth is ready to share what interests them and their social group.

There are brands largely running on memes and not so surprisingly, it is going great for them. It’s not surprising because memes are shared in seconds. Brands take advantage of every special occasion, on going trends to put themselves in the driver’s seat.

Large Companies using Memes to Promote their Brand


Source: IMAGE

Remember this video of delivery guy? Well everybody does and those who don’t, this guy was asked by a random person about his job in Zomato and his smile got viral and became an internet sensation. So much so that Zomato made it their display picture of their twitter’s account. Zomato heavily advertised themselves and when a delivery guy gave positive reviews about the company in just one smile, it was shared all over the internet.


Chipotle with it’s classic advertising using memes!

So what makes this meme unique? A couple of factors starting with how they’ve made a meme from their product using a few emojis. It teaches us: you don’t need to rely on an outside picture when you can put your own product into the spotlight creatively. Next, the meme’s text is pretty rad. Most of all, it sends a clear message to their audience — you can have Chipotle even when you’re broke so there’s something for everybody!


Swiggy with it’s application interface, spreading the COVID-19 guidelines like they are items listed in a restaurant. What better idea to promote your brand while spreading a message for the whole world to stay at home, be safe and keep ordering!


This post by Dunzo is filled with nothing but creativity! The famous line “Ye to Hona Hi tha” is remade by Dunzo to spread the message to regularly wash hands in pandemic times. Dunzo is widely known for it’s amusing and apt marketing ideas and strategies. Kudos to it’s marketing team! I personally am a fan of Dunzo’s marketing strategies now.

But why Meme Marketing?

By tapping into a popular cultural moment effectively through the use of memes, brands can achieve brand awareness and increase engagement. By being funny or clever, in a timely way, brands develop familiarity with consumers while generating memorable and emotional reactions. Brands including McDonald’s, Apple, Barkbox and Ruffles have all used memes as part of advertising campaigns.

Memes are the most shareable content on the internet. People have literally made their careers out of memes. Brands can effectively leverage memes to establish that they move forward with the trends, and meanwhile connected with the youth.

Even Elon Musk hosted Pewdiepie’s meme review two years ago and the internet went crazy!

This video came during the rivalry between T-Series and Pewdiepie and Elon Musk’s appearance increased the sub gap between the two but eventually T-Series crossed Pewdiepie later on.

This is the power of memes! Getting a Billionaire to host meme review isn’t something a normal person can do. But meme community made it possible.

Be Careful Too

Brands shouldn’t use memes to hurt someone’s feelings. Zomato and Swiggy share friendly-banter online without any hard feelings. “Not only do brands risk offending people, given that humor is subjective, but marketers also have to worry about being labeled ‘cringey’ for seemingly trying too hard or hopping on a trend too late in the game,” said Enberg. Some companies out there made scathing comments on the Internet such as Burger King.

Anyone would get offended by seeing this tweet to which Burger King personally apologized for their harsh behavior indicated towards women. Zomato also shared a post related to it on women’s day.

Apt Marketing!

Creativity is everything a content creator stands on and everyone loves new and creative ideas. Meme Marketing should be apt, trendy and friendly. And when it is, it can bring you huge fame because it takes just seconds to share. Let it be your brand this time! Keep Marketing. :)

When I use memes to explain Meme Marketing. ↓↓




Content Writer at Updatify Now | Marketing and Startups Enthusiast | A creative Entrepreneurial Mind |

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Sahil Wassan

Sahil Wassan

Content Writer at Updatify Now | Marketing and Startups Enthusiast | A creative Entrepreneurial Mind |

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