Marketing Strategies to Learn from MBA CHAI WALA — #2

The Golden Strategies

Pictorial Representation of Importance of these strategies
  • Sell what sells. People are more interested in you and your story. Selling your story, your ideas, beliefs, is what makes people attached to a certain thing. In simpler words, Personal Branding.
  • Do what’s trending or what is more likely to attract large crowds. Prafull organized events, Ludo games, flood donation campaign, which many aesthetically built cafes generally do for marketing, but he did his own way, and just at a small tea stall.
  • Your customers are everything. Make sure you don’t just aim for what’s in their wallet but also to what’s in their mind or in their heart. People love to chitchat and talk issues with other people, even if it’s about their dog or their relationship problems, financial etc. Prafull literally solved people’s problems, talked finance with the big guys and became a medium for jobs in companies. People want attention, they like to be heard by someone, and feel special.
  • Prafull gave out free tea to all the singles on 14th February, the Valentine’s Day. That’s when he got viral on the Internet. It isn’t a special day for single people so he made it special for them. Prafull mentioned somewhere that social media had a major impact in his life and was a major source of his reach at some point.
  • People judge you by your brand name. Most people buy Nike or Skechers’ shoes just because of the brand name or logo now. Be unique, know what’s going to get people’s phones out and make you go viral. Prafull was a MBA dropout and full form of MBA in MBA CHAI WALA is:- Mr. Billore Ahemdabad which perfectly syncs with his former pursuing degree, MBA.




Content Writer at Updatify Now | Marketing and Startups Enthusiast | A creative Entrepreneurial Mind |

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Sahil Wassan

Sahil Wassan

Content Writer at Updatify Now | Marketing and Startups Enthusiast | A creative Entrepreneurial Mind |

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