Fast Food - A Booming Business For Developing Towns

I belong to a small town, Yamuna Nagar in Haryana and I have been living here for 18 years now. I saw many businesses being opened and shut down in no time. But one business that remained evergreen whether there was a lockdown being implemented or any other reason, was the food business. In no time, many small vendors selling dimsums or panipuri gained fame overnight because in towns like these people have money and they want to spend it on fast foods.

Weekend? Fast Food. No mood for cooking? Fast Food.

Developing towns are filled with small vendors selling different kinds of fast foods. It is basically the answer to your hunger and when you don’t want to cook. Food is a basic necessity and everyone will eat everyday. In lockdown too, people literally shifted their business to fast foods. I saw many vegetable sellers who shut down the vegetable business and started selling samosas and other fast food items which actually proved profitable for them.

We all know about the story of this famous chai wala Prafull Billore. He started his tea business with 8000 rupees and his venture MBA Chaiwala is now worth 3 crores. It’s all about how well you know your customers. Prafull knew about the Indians and how much they love tea.

MBA CHAI WALA Franchise Outlet

Before becoming a seller, you must know what it feels like to be a customer.

You must know what a customer wants. You can know that by being a customer yourself and understanding one’s mind. Sell what they want at cheap prices and better quality.

Why Developing Towns are Profitable for Food businesses?

Zomato initiated it’s services in Yamuna Nagar around 3 years ago and since then, more people are ordering food online. People tend to eat and order more when food comes to you at your doorstep with a discounted price. People here have a lot of money and a major proportion of them spend it on expensive places.

The Pyramid chain is very famous in India and they opened their branch in Yamuna Nagar some years ago. Now, a developing town like Yamuna Nagar is ready to welcome expensive and lavish restaurants with open arms because people are wealthy enough to spend their money here and want to have a good, fancy time.

Another reason why these towns are profitable for food businesses is because these towns are still growing and developing and they still lack famous and aesthetic food places. Let me explain you through my experience.

Sadhaura- An Opportunity

Sadhaura is a city with Municipal committee and a Municipal Corporation in Yamunanagar district in the Indian state of Haryana. I recently made a very short trip here and what I found is that it is slowly becoming a hub for food business. I make a trip to Sadaura once a year and this time I saw people spending their money on over priced food not just because they want to but also because they don’t have many places like that around. But gradually, food chains such as Hangries are being opened and it’s the perfect opportunity for people who want to start a fast food business there. People in towns like these want fancy restaurants to be opened and have a quality time there.

Know what’s lacking. Create what’s lacking. Show them what’s cracking.

What I want to say is that firstly, know what customer wants and what people don’t have. Secondly, give them what they want and lastly, enjoy while they enjoy. If you’re the first one to open a fancy and costly food place in developing towns, people with money to spend will come running.

In towns like these, news travel fast. People talk about a new place being opened and first thing they want to do is to try that new place. That is why Yamuna Nagar has Domino’s, La Pino’z, Pyramid etc. upscale food branches because at some point, people wanted these places to be opened in their areas.

The 3 Knows For Your Business

  1. Know your place
  2. Know your product
  3. Know your customer
  • People will earn more and more people will eat at lavish places when they can but this will not stop the food business from flourishing. They will eat everyday and if they like your food, they will come back for more.
  • Pick a fancy name for your restaurant. More people attract to a place with a unique name.

All of this will prove fruitful in the end and if you know your way around marketing and business tactics, start thinking about expanding your business!!



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